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14 February 2014
Carpet Cleaning Techniques - Which Suits Your Needs?
Carpet Cleaning Techniques - Which Suits Your Needs?

With so many houses across the UK employing wall to wall carpets for a comforting flooring option, it is no wonder that getting them clean is something that many people worry about every day. There are a few options that can get your carpet looking a lot better, but the differences between them mean that you will have to think quite hard about the option that works for you. Whilst vacuuming will get up a certain amount of dust and debris, you will no doubt understand that the fibers will trap a lot more dirt in the pile, which dulls the overall color of the carpet. Hence, cleaning your carpets properly may be the difference in the room feeling fresher and brighter, and the overall hue of the room being dulled for the foreseeable future.

The first and most popular option (for obvious reasons) is the home carpet shampoo kit. These kits can be bought in many shops, and simply involve a can of spray on shampoo, which foams into the carpet’s pile, trapping the dirt in the solution. The foam is scrubbed in by hand with a sponge or cloth, which can be a lot of work, especially if you want to clean the whole thing! Once the foam has been scrubbed in, you simply leave it to dry, and vacuum it out. The dirt will have been lifted by the soap in the shampoo and the friction of the scrubbing, and then removed when the residue is vacuumed out. This method is very cheap, but it does cause problems sometimes. You may well find that you get a little residue left over, that has worked itself into the pile of the carpet, and won’t come out with the vacuum cleaner. In this instance, the residue can be quite sticky, which will attract more dirt, more quickly! Getting a professional to shampoo your carpets with a machine can be more effective, but at such a price, you may want to look at the other professional options first!

Steam cleaning should really be called ‘hot water extraction’ given that it does not actually use steam. This process involves a machine that fires extremely hot water in to the pile, whilst almost simultaneously extracting it. The combination of rigorous action and high heat strips the carpet of the dirt and it is contained in the machine on being sucked in with the water. This method is very effective, as you may imagine, but it is not without risk. If the machine is at all faulty or slow, then the extraction process can be lessened, leaving a little more water in the carpet than usual. The heat and damp left in the carpet can attract mould and mildew, which can ruin a carpet!

Dry cleaning is not just for clothes - it works well on carpets too! You will find that this process is expensive, but only because of how specialist and effective it is! The process involves a compound being spread across the carpet, and scrubbed in with a machine in some cases, for a really deep clean. The compound is then mixed with a small amount of solution, causing a chemical reaction. This reaction attracts dirt from the fibers to the compound, which is the vacuumed up, much like the shampoo is. However, there seems to be less risk of the residue getting stuck in the pile in this case, as the compound is much less adhesive...

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