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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       The cleaner provided was wonderful, and the entire process was effortless.    
F. Ward20/06/2024

       Dedicated and friendly, the staff work reliably and with great effort.    
Jenny Sheffield10/06/2024

       Happy with the efficient and friendly cleaner; every task is carefully executed and she's very pleasant. Many thanks.    
Tanya Randall31/05/2024

       Consistently impressed with the professionalism and reliability of this exceptional cleaning service provided by our amazing cleaner who always does a fantastic job.    
Brian Rafferty17/05/2024

       Wonderful dwelling sanitation. The cleaning business provided timely notifications about our scheduled meeting with the cleaner before they started their job.    
D. Bassett16/04/2024

       I was thoroughly impressed by the work ethic and communication skills of these two cleaners - they were efficient, respectful, and dedicated to their job, not to mention always keeping me in the loop. I highly recommend them and will certainly be hiring them again.    
Martin Moore30/03/2024

       It takes more than just skill - reliability is crucial in the world of cleaning services, making companies like Clapham Cleaning Company stand out among the rest.    
Edgar Wall20/03/2024

       Thank you for sending such talented and dedicated cleaners to our home.    
Francis Clarke01/03/2024

       Booking their service was effortless, and we were thrilled with the results.    
K. Byrne19/02/2024

       Excellent service, the carpets are spotless and smell incredible - I couldn't be happier with Clapham Cleaning Service's work.    
Phil T.09/02/2024

       Without a doubt, this is the best end of tenancy cleaning company out there - highly recommended!    
Fiona Valentine30/01/2024

       My house has never been cleaner, thanks to the hardworking and polite cleaners employed by this service.    
Fiona P.20/01/2024

       Thoroughly impressed with their work - provided an exemplary end of tenancy cleaning service that was faultless in the end. Would undoubtedly recommend them!    
Joseph G.27/11/2023

       The cleaners that came out was unbelievably professional and friendly - they listed all the tasks that they carried out completely. If feasible, I absolutely would have offered them more stars than just five!    
Gregg W.24/10/2023

       When I decided to have my oven professionally cleaned, I'm so glad that I chose this company. The results are amazing - my oven looks brand-new both inside and out! Everyone I encountered was so friendly and knowledgeable about their work, which helped make the whole experience wonderful. What's more, their product list doesn't include any harsh chemicals that produce noxious fumes. And to top it off, the price was incredibly affordable - cheaper than any of the other quotes that I got for similar services! You can definitely trust this company; highly recommend for anyone looking for awesome oven cleaning results at unbeatable prices!     

        Clapham Cleaners showed great work ethics throughout the day; remarkably accommodating, clearly expressing the aim of the visit and resolved all arising difficulties quickly too - huge appreciation to them for such hard work yesterday!     
Hannelore P.09/02/2023

       My dust allergies always got the better of me. The moment I started cleaning, I would sneeze and cry. It came to the point I dreaded cleaning and desperately tried to find a solution. Eventually, the only solution was to hire a cleaning company like Cleaners Clapham. They gave me the best service that I could only imagine. I am forever grateful for the cleaner's advice!    

       I'd tried everything to get my carpets to look cleaner, but the dirt was just sticking to them thanks to their light colour! I thought hiring a professional company might help, and I picked Clapham Cleaning Service because of the cheap free price quote they gave me. Not only did my cleaner get rid of the grime, but even managed to lift a very tough stain as well! This is a truly great carpet cleaning company and I'm looking forward to trying their other cleaning services sometime in the near future!    

       One thing I cannot stand doing is cleaning and I know that if I don't do it I could end up losing my deposit to my landlord. I wanted it done professionally and in a few hours and I ended up calling in Clapham Cleaning Service because I had heard about the good quality of their cleaning service. I wasn't disappointed - these cleaners really earn their money and they do absolutely everything including things like scrubbing mildew off the shower curtain and spring cleaning the utility room to get the thick dust off the washing machine and fridges.    
G. Jason05/11/2014

       Bathroom cleaning is a real pain, but not one that I can avoid. That is, until I found out about Clapham Cleaning Service and their unparalleled cleaning services. I was hesitant to begin with, because I didn't know if the cleaning contractors would agree to a one-room job but I could not have hoped for a more flexible and adaptable team. The professional cleaners were in and out of the house before I knew it and the bathroom looked like something out of a lifestyle catalogue!    
E. Roberts19/09/2014

       The build up of dirt and other contaminants is always an issue for me, and I find it hard to keep up with. The only solution was to hire a cleaning company that knew what they were doing - I looked at a fair few, and none of them really fit the bill until I got to Clapham Cleaning Service. They know the best ways to deal with all manner of surfaces, and get them cleaned up in almost no time at all. The cleaners they sent were friendly as well, and a pleasure to have around. I would recommend them to anyone, they're very affordable and make life a whole lot easier!    
Chris P.21/08/2014

       I wanted some domestic help in the home since I broke my arm. I came across a local company advertised in a local paper for the area and decided to give them a try. Clapham Cleaning Service were very professional and arranged a home cleaning service to suit my budget. I had a general cleaning service that covered the basics, including dusting and polishing, sweeping the wooden floors and vacuuming the furniture and rugs, and finally mopping the tiled floors in the bathroom and kitchen. The work was done to a very high standard and the results were amazing. The service helped me so much and was excellent value for money.    
Irina Kemper24/07/2014

       I've always been a bit suspicious of cleaning companies as I've had cleaners before who would do the bare minimum and leave me with all the difficult jobs. Some cleaners aren't very approachable when you ask them to do things differently. Clapham Cleaning Service are wonderfully different and I'm very glad I contacted them. The cleaners who clean my home are extremely efficient and they will clean everything that I ask them to. They bring everything they need so all I need to do is let them in when they come over. Thank you - you have restored my faith in cleaning agencies!    
Chris A.30/06/2014

       I wanted my new home cleaning, but as it was newly built needed a commercial cleaning firm to handle the dust and rubble and rubbish that were left behind by the builders. I called Clapham Cleaning Service for an appointment and they sent a staff member to give me a quote. There was a lot of cleaning to be, but the nice gentleman said it wasn't a problem. The team of commercial cleaners arrived with their tools and got on with the clean up job. It took a while but the results were great. The house was left neat, clean and ready for us to sort out with our possessions. The cost was worth every penny.    
Colleen Bell12/06/2014

       I would certainly recommend Clapham Cleaning Service for all of your cleaning services. This company is the best in the area and covers a range of cleaning tasks. I used the home cleaning service and was extremely happy with the work. The team did what I requested and worked hard all day. When the appointment was booked the cleaners arrived promptly and simply set to work to get rid of it. This team did an excellent job throughout and the house looked really clean when they had finished. I would suggest anybody considering hiring a cleaning company to get in touch with these, they were totally professional.    
Ben Wares26/05/2014

       You can't really beat a professionally cleaned house, and it really does come down to personal preference as to who you use on a daily basis. However, I strongly recommend that anyone looking for great value and a friendly team call up Clapham Cleaning Service. They have always been lovely with my place, and are a very nice group of people to have around the place, whether you need a single cleaner or a bunch of them! They have always done excellent work for me at a great rate, so I always recommend them to my friends.    
Susan Harris14/05/2014

       With regards to the cleaning, I have never been one to get my hands that dirty, and given that I am rubbish at it anyway, it seems like a waste of time really! I have always used Clapham Cleaning Service after a friend recommended them to me a year or so ago. They are the best, truly, I could not ask for more form a cleaning company! My flat always looks perfect after they have been, and I am always happy to entertain people at my place if I know that it is looking beautiful after they have been round.     
F. Christensen29/04/2014

       When I needed a house cleaner I called Clapham Cleaning Service. I work with a few people who have used their cleaning services and I'd heard a lot of great things about them, so when I needed a one-off clean I called them up to see if they could help. I'd decided to try and keep my home as tidy as possible, but I wanted a through clean to start me off in the right direction. This cleaning company was excellent - very helpful, very friendly and very good at what they do! My cleaner was really speedy and even got into those places I always forget about! I love this service and would use them again and again!    

       I can honestly say that I don't think I could go back to a time when I was doing my own cleaning. I might well be a capable man (or at least I like to think of myself as such), but there is certainly a difference about how clean I can make something, and how clean Clapham Cleaning Service can make something. It's one of those skills that you know you will never be able to master, so you're always in absolute awe when you see it handled properly. Because of this, I can definitely suggest that you hire in their services.    
Michael 19/03/2014

       I'm extremely happy to recommend Clapham Cleaning Service to all reading this. They have been incredible so far, and I've been using them for a few weeks! They get on well with everyone in the family, from my husband to the dog, though they aren't exactly dissimilar... I find that the house looks great every time they are round, and the price has always been pretty good, so I can't really complain!    
S. Gray05/03/2014

       I heard great reviews of Clapham Cleaning Service by a co-worker and so I decided to call them for my yearly home cleaning. From the moment I called them, they were friendly and efficient. They were able to schedule a cleaning on my time, so it wouldn't interrupt my busy schedule. They were thorough and knew just what areas needed special attention. They brought their own cleaning supplies and provided a diligent clean to my bathrooms, bedrooms and the kitchen. And, they were reasonably priced, so I didn't have to spend a fortune on the service. I couldn't recommend them more for any home cleaning needs. They are a great team!    
Barbara Taylor18/02/2014

       As a private landlord I find the security that having Clapham Cleaning Service on hand at the end of a phone incredibly reassuring and helpful. When tenants leave your properties in less-than-desirable states, which does happen surprisingly frequently, it is fantastic knowing they can have a team there within hours ready to clean like mad and make the place habitable again. Their service is swift, efficient and cost-effective. They have never come across one of my properties in such a state that they cannot make it look as new, meaning I never have any gap in income.